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Vehicle Maintenance


Oil Changes, NYS Motor Vehicle Inspections, and more…

Oil Changes

Great oil and filter at an unbeatable price!

Your oil and filter will be provided according to your vehicle’s specific manufacturer recommendations. Changing your oil is the number one thing you can to keep your car running at its best. Generally, an oil change can be done rather quickly so feel free to stop into our waiting room and grab a cup of coffee and watch some Netflix while we take care of your vehicle!

Car Inspection

Official New York State Vehicle Inspection Station

Bring your vehicle to Professional Motors for your next New York State inspection.

All vehicles in New York State need to be inspected every 12 months or when you transfer ownership of the vehicle. Generally, New York State vehicle inspections can be done quickly so appointments are not necessary. But, it would be best if you called us today to set up your appointment for your next New York State vehicle inspection.

Need New Tires?

Your one-stop shop when your vehicle needs new tires

We provide all brands of tires including Michelin, Cooper, Mastercraft, Continental, and more. When you get your tires a Professional Motors, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranties you will get lifetime flat repairs as well as lifetime tire rotations to help you get the most out of your tires.

In most cases, replacing four tires on your vehicle can be done well you wait. 

Brake Services

New Brakes, Break Pads, Rotors, and Brake Repairs

Got squeaky brakes? Come to Professional Motors for your next break job and pay a fraction of dealership prices.

Brake pads and rotors that are in good condition are very important to safe vehicle operation. If your car starts making a squeaking noise or shakes during times of breaking it may be time to call Professional Motors to set up an appointment! We can help repair your brakes, or even do a complete brake pad  and brake rotor replacement. We won’t know until you come in and we take a look at your vehicle, so make an appointment today.


Exhaust System & Muffler Repair Services

Exhaust Fans, Mufflers, and more at a location near you

Whether it’s replacing your stock muffler or upgrading your summer ride’s sound and performance, Professional Motors has you covered. We provide a complete range of exhaust system repairs and replacements. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

No heat in your car? Too hot in your vehicle because your AC isn’t working?

If your car’s heating or AC system is not functioning or blowing as it should call Professional Motors for skilled diagnostics of the problems you’re having. Problems may range from just needing an air conditioning recharge to repairing other major AC or heating components.

Give us a call in the springtime to have your air conditioning assessed before the heat of the summer sets in.

Car Suspension Parts and Repair

Professional Motors can service or replace all suspension components including ball joints, tie rods, control arms, and more. If your vehicle begins to make abnormal sounds or feel differently than it normally does call Professional Motors to set up an appointment. Don’t let suspension issues become a safety hazard.

Car Steering Repair and Service

It’s very important to make sure your car is pointed in the right direction. Steering components are very important to the safe operation of motor vehicles. Professional Motors services all steering components including power steering pump systems, steering columns and wheels, and more. If your car is making abnormal noises or feels differently than normal call Professional Motors to set up an appointment.

Vehicle Diagnostics / Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Flashing? What does it mean?

Your vehicle is designed to alert you when it is having a problem by showing you a warning light on your dashboard. Professional Motors uses our 15+ years of experience as well as state-of-the-art OBD two scanning equipment to diagnose trouble codes. Don’t let your small problem turn into a big problem call Professional Motors today to scan your computer if you’re observing trouble lights on your dashboard.

Batteries and Starter Components

Car Battery Replacements at a Great Price

Professional Motors services vehicle batteries and starter components. Typically, car batteries last approximately 5 years. Stopping by Professional Motors for a free battery test. Whether it be replacing a battery or a starter unit, Professional Motors has you covered.

Happy Customers

“Had all brakes and alignment done and we saved a ton of money. Derek even met us after hours to pick up our car to work around our schedule. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.”
“Took me in on very limited notice and diagnosed and fixed a brake problem in 30 minutes. Awesome, highly recommended”